Qualcomm Reference Design Resources

The Qualcomm® Reference Design (QRD) program by Qualcomm Technologies Inc. includes access to tools and development resources designed to help to quickly commercialize devices that appeal to today’s demanding consumers. Log in to this site or register for an account to access resources for working with QRD.

Software Developers

Access resources to port software applications to run on one or more QRDs, including device specifications and instructions for Android Virtual Device (AVD) configurations. Then access testing resources to have software applications tested and made available to device manufacturers for possible preload.


Hardware Component Vendors

Access device details to target specific QRDs then access the Qualcomm Technologies Component Lab and Third Party Technical Support Centers that facilitate testing and optimizing of hardware components for use on devices based on QRD.


Device Manufacturers

Access tools and resources to quickly and cost effectively commercialize a device: including QRD device specifications and access to providers of third party software applications and hardware components which have been tested against various QRDs.

Additional Resources

Qualcomm Developer Network

The Qualcomm Developer Network (QDevNet), offered by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., provides developers with centralized access to things they need to build on Qualcomm Technologies products, whether writing applications, extending APIs or working with our technologies. To access cross-platform development tools and resources offered by Qualcomm and/or one of its affiliates, such as AllJoyn™ peer-to-peer communications, Adreno™ graphics optimization and Vuforia™ Augmented Reality, visit developer.qualcomm.com



For QRD component vendors who are working with displays, capacitive touch panels and I2C sensors, the DragonBoard™ platform can provide a low-cost option to start the development process. The DragonBoard platform is a comprehensive development kit offering an exposed board for easy porting of components and driver development for certain Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. To address different development needs, the exposed board is available in multiple versions based on certain Qualcomm Snapdragon processors: S1 supports MSM7x27A, MSM7x25A and MSM8x25, S4 supports MSM8x30. Besides the Snapdragon applications processor on its main board, the kit includes a sensor daughter card, and connectivity (Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®) daughter card, which are pre-installed on the carrier board. The carrier board has a large number of test points and connectors for interfaces, such as MIPI, RGB, I2C, JTAG, Ethernet, and mini-USB — enabling a deep level of development, testing and expansion.


Purchase the S4 Plus DragonBoard
Order the DragonBoard S4 Plus 8060A from Intrinsyc Software. NOTE: External link


Purchase the S1 and S3 DragonBoard
Snapdragon S1 and S3 DragonBoard devices are available from BSQUARE. NOTE: External link


DragonBoard Support
DragonBoard support is available from mydragonboard.org. NOTE: External link