Qualcomm Reference Designs

The Qualcomm® Reference Design (QRD) program is designed to streamline the rapid introduction of devices at lower development costs — drawing on the technical innovation and product quality that have made Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. an industry leader.

QRD offers you tools to help bring your product to market faster — including testing and acceptance readiness for leading regional and operator requirements, a comprehensive ecosystem of third-party providers, and easy customization options that allow you to save engineering costs and focus your development efforts on differentiation. QRD positions you to compete more effectively.

A broad portfolio of chipset and configuration options

At the heart of each reference design is a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. QRD includes a broad portfolio of products that are tiered and customized for various segments and worldwide connectivity options. It supports various levels of advanced graphic performance, jaw-dropping speed and unbelievable power-efficiency — so you can launch more must-have devices, faster.