It's Easy to Get Started

The Qualcomm® Reference Design (QRD) program unites a community of device manufacturers, software and hardware component vendors with technology innovation from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. - helping to expand the commercial potential for many.

Software Developers

Connect with device manufacturers through the Preferred Vendor List

Participating developers will need to port their applications and have them tested against the applicable QRDs before they can be considered for inclusion on the Preferred Vendor List on the QRD website. Take the first step in working with QRD and register for an account.

Component Vendors

Tap into the high-volume demand for quality, cost-effective components for QRD

To participate, hardware component vendors just need to decide which QRDs would be best suited to their component(s) and contact us to begin the process of having them tested. This testing is done and coordinated through the Qualcomm Technologies Component Lab and Third Party Technical Support Centers. Take the first step in working with QRD and register for an account.

Device Manufacturers

Get the tools and resources to commercialize devices quickly and cost effectively

QRD is designed to allow device manufacturers to select from available development platforms, obtain schematics, board layouts, documentation and tools to design a QRD-based device. QRD provides a Preferred Vendor List with a broad selection of available third party software applications and third party hardware components that have been tested against various QRDs. Take the first step in working with QRD and register for an account.